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DW: I wish we had videos taken at the board meetings of Perry and his gang's despicable actions to show at our work sites. The videos would be a great organizing tool for reform.

But, what else about incorporation?

JH: OK, the third and most immediate benefit from incorporation will be our affiliation agreement with the Service Employee's International Union will move from CSEA's board of directors to our civil service division council which is made up of elected union stewards.

That is important as we pay literally millions of dollars to be part of a large national organization, SEIU, to take on issues at the federal level where CSEA has no presence, and coordinate activities across the states where public workers are organized.

We haven't benefited to the extent that our members should have because when civil service division has needed help from SEIU we could not ask directly. We had to ask through the CSEA president or board of directors and they purposely disrupted the process, and interfered with our getting SEIU's help.

Incorporation will remove this barrier between civil service division and SEIU.

DW: The incorporation vote was declared legal, so what is the timeline for its implementation, and what are the mechanics? Is it a years long process?

JH: Undoubtedly CSEA will appeal Judge Robie's decision. They will want to stay the execution of the judge's order.

CSEA wants to block incorporation because they do not want to give up our member's dues money that they currently direct, month in month out.

So we expect CSEA to appeal, and we expect them to eventually lose that appeal.

CSEA's tactic is to stretch this out as long as possible and use our dues money as long as possible to their advantage.

We will be opposing that in court.

Although civil service division has twice voted for incorporation we were prevented from incorporating because we needed some cooperation from our parent corporation, CSEA.
The first thing we needed was a letter from Perry Kenny stating, this division is going to be a future affiliate. His letter would be given to the secretary of state, which would enable our filing of articles of incorporation for our civil service division.

Of course, President Kenny refused to write the letter.

The court order that will now be written will order him to do that, and it will order him to begin segregating dues revenues into an account, which they had also earlier refused to do.

DW: It seems like CSEA could delay this process a long time.

JH: Yes, CSEA has obstructed this process, and acted in bad faith for several years.
It is why we had to go to court and get a court order.

I doubt the individuals involved at CSEA will risk contempt of court, and possible fines.

DW: Who writes the incorporation papers?

JH: The supervisors hired an outside attorney to advise them on creating their bylaws, their corporate structure. I think we would want to do the same thing to make sure we would be in compliance with corporation code.

We have bookkeeping and banking systems for our division already in place.
So incorporation could happen quite quickly.

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