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EP: Something else I am interested in adding to the website, and this came from Paul and he has been very helpful, contributing letters to the site and stuff. A lot of people are now aware that a struggle is going on inside CSEA, and Paul said we need to stress a lot of the positive stuff we are doing.

One of the problems we are running into stems from our success in civil service division, CDU has permeated the civil service division so much that the demarcation line is fading away. People are losing sight of why we needed CDU in the first place. They are not aware that CDU was behind all this organizing, it is behind what the division has been trying to do the last several years.

We need to stress that a lot of the stuff people see going on, the organizing, the master table bargaining, the big rallies, that they are CDU driven. We need to tie into what people can see that's positive, to counter the negative propaganda that is put out by Perry Kenny and his gang.

That's why I added that feature on bargaining. People want to know what is going on about bargaining, and we need to take credit for what we do.

There is a lot of stuff to do and I have only so many hours after work. That's why I tell people I have three jobs.

DW: So in summary, what is the role of CDU's webpage?

EP: To provide information about what is going on in our union throughout the state, not just in Sacramento, to all our members. When that happens we all get connected to each other.

'The Spark' online is easier to distribute and less expensive to produce than the paper version.

Online updates are immediate, and access is available even to members without computers. In fact I know of two members who access the website on the computer at the library.

DW: Well you have to get back to work, any final words?

EP: We have to continue working on organizing. It is a given we will run into a lot of interference, it hasn't stopped us and that is one of our biggest strengths. No matter what they have thrown at us, we have continued.

DW: Sure, you are not beaten until you acknowledge your defeat.

EP: Also, we have to overcome the perception within the retirees that we are out to destroy CSEA. Each division has their own concerns and issues, but one thing we all care about is retirement, we all have that in common.

DW: Thanks for taking the time for a conversation.

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