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DW: You are right, there was a time when some people didn't think it would be safe to be identified as a CDU member. I can remember going to the backroom of a restaurant in North Sacramento to photograph a CDU meeting and I sensed some of the participants were concerned that the photograph would be seen by our adversaries.

However, now we occupy the leadership positions within civil service division.

Lets talk some more about the design of our website…

EP: Most of it came from Ron's original site. For example, 'take action' stemmed from an action option on the original site, and my idea was to give information about certain issues like union leave interference, meetings of the board, incorporation, and the next step for people, 'what can I do?'

Like the last time we had a hearing for the incorporation lawsuit, that was a first test for it. I had a little blurb about the hearing, what it was, where it was, and at the bottom it told people what to do-we would like you to attend, wearing your shirt and your pins.

So that is the concept, members can go to the website and learn about issues, and then what they can do to help.

DW: That is great. Participation is very important, and it is not something generally encouraged anywhere. So often people learn of issues and want to do something, but don't know what they could do to help the cause.

EP: Another thing I would like to have is a kind of a library, and I was working on that last night. A lot of CDU members are not familiar with the workings of CSEA, so what I would like to have is an online version of the policy file, the bylaws, and a chart of the structure of CSEA. So people can learn, for example, about the board of directors and why they hold so much power over our resources.

Also include a history of CDU on the website. I have approached a lot of people about stuff, and I have been scouring through the old 'sparks'. The first edition of the spark, volume 1 number 1, was interesting, it included articles like 'why a caucus?'. It explained what a caucus was, basically a group of people that share a common interest and formed to perform a specific task.

Once I have a history draft together I want to send it out to all the coordinators, or maybe my whole broadcast list, and have people add comments. Did I get it right, is something missing.

DW: We have needed a history of the reform movement for years. Something we could not only have available on line, but also something tangible to distribute to our coworkers, to new employees.

EP: One of the reasons I am starting with a draft is I have learned it is much easier to get someone to do something if they have something to start with. Instead of asking someone for an article, give them a rough draft and ask for their comments. Before you know it they are writing their own thing.
I am relatively new to CDU so I don't know the history, and there is a lot there. For instance, many CDU members don't know that Paul (Gonzalez Coke) was once executive vice president of CSEA.

DW: Yeah, I think there is some interesting history attached to that election.

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