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DW: Jim and Cathy have set a high standard and they are very visible, but I think Mark and Ron as well as many of the CDU activists around the state measure up. You appear to be cut from the same cloth as well.

Sadly, Kenny and his staff supporters have been quite successful in preventing the members from learning how much the members have benefited from the daily activity of CDU activists.

Which leads into the next subject, getting the information out through our website, unionspark.org.

Earlier this year you volunteered to become the CDU webmaster, and you've done some swell things with it. It has a new face, new features, and the material is frequently updated. In short you have ably built upon the foundation Ron Deluce established last year.

How did you learn this skill?

EP: Let me tell you how I got started with websites, part of it was through work.

At the call center they wanted to automate a lot of stuff. I grew up in the digital age, computers, spread sheets, that sort of thing and so it was very natural for me to get involved with the internet.

In '94 I signed up for a Compuserve internet account and had it for about 6 months. Back then there was no such thing as unlimited service, you were charged for everything, the number of minutes you were online. When I got my first two bills, one was hundred something, the other was two hundred something; and the next was three hundred something. When I saw the last bill, that was it for me, so I cut it off.

Later when I moved to Sacramento, I got back online and having free website space got me interested in it.

I use 'front page' to construct my sites. One thing that has really helped is I have looked at a lot of other websites. You could say I have borrowed, or lifted ideas.

DW: Right, that is what we have all done. It is kind of an online learning experience for all of us, we are learning from each other as we go along, a community effort.

EP: That's what it is. My first sites were cut and paste, and I learned the skills as I went along.
When I became the Sacramento area coordinator for CDU I suggested to Ron that if he needed someone to do the website I could do it, but that I would be changing it, and that was ok. I sent my new design out to all the coordinators asking for comments, and received a response from Marla Hambright suggesting the banner was too small. So I made adjustments.

The next challenge was to get content, and update it. We have talked about that, how hard
it is to get people to write something, but that is improving.

I want to add pictures, and hope to get a digital camera. Pictures help humanize CDU on the website.

Unlike before when we had to do things more cautiously, we have matured to the point where we can be openly proud to be CDU, and we need to have people see us, see our faces, who we are.

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