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  talking with CATHY HACKETT  
DW: How do you get on the executive board?
4-10-01 Election day, late afternoon, Cathy approaches campaign hdqtrs. She has voted, and knocked on the last door for this campaign.

CH: You have to run, and the election will be coming up.

DW: Who votes?

CH: The delegates, and local 1000 has 40 some delegates. Our delegate number is based on the number of members we pay percaps on.

4-10-01 Bill Camp and friend awaiting the closing of the polls.

We have loyal delegates, and almost all
of them are members of our reform movement.
A position on the executive board is important because a lot of the council's decisions are made by the executive board.
We have to demonstrate we are there to do our part in helping all of labor in the area.
In time I hope everyone views SEIU local 1000, and the other SEIU locals, as necessary parts of the central labor council.
However, first there is some growth that has to happen for us to all work together. We must develop an understanding of each others issues as well as a recognition that we are all labor.

4-10-01 I left Cathy's campaign hdqtrs and drove over to the IBEW training facility where the election dinner/party was being held. The party site was in an IBEW training lab. There were exposed 2 x 4s, electrical wires and meters, work benches, and generators, in other words, the perfect site for our labor candidate's gathering.

I arrived and found Theresa Villasenor in her capacity as central labor council 'coordinator', along with Dion Archuleta, doing the grunt work necessary for a successful dinner/gathering.
Here they are adding beer to the ice barrel.

I was there to put up posters made from fotos taken during the campaign.

DW: Well, certainly your campaign demonstrated we can work together.

CH: There will be no one effectively representing the workers if we don't.

This is the end of the conversation with Cathy. Several pages of fotos follow.









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