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DW: I think you broke new ground in Sacramento, in that you were not only a labor candidate, but a candidate from labor.
Mark Bautista (local 1000) relating a day's event.

CH: Even though a lot of candidates are described as labor candidates, they haven't worked inside the labor movement. They have labor's support and on Saturdays and Sundays labor volunteers come in and do precinct walking and phone banking for them.

However, since I am from the labor movement and part of the labor movement, labor volunteers could rightfully feel I was with them, a

After a day of walking ACORN volunteers debrief.

part of them, there wasn't any distance between us. I was the candidate, but I was also there all the time. I was walking precincts, I was a part of everything.
A lot of candidates are very arrogant and elitist, except when asking for votes or money, when they put on a friendly front.
People that work on campaigns know this and understand you have got to work with them because who else is there to run; but the average person doesn't.
The average person doesn't understand that the media persona is not the person.

Phone banking at local 250. Adrienne Suffin, J J Jelincic

DW: Elections are about selling a candidate, and money buys media access.
It gets back to educating workers so they recognize their own interests, and the candidates that will represent them.
How are we going to do that?

CH: It has to be from inside the unions, a program that is there everyday.

DW: I guess that should go along with the international's new interest in local elections. What is going on at the international level?


It seemed Cathy spent a portion of everyday walking a precinct.

CH: The interest in local elections is a good idea, but there is no program behind it.

Again it gets back to the central labor council.

Traditionally, the public sector unions like SEIU and AFSME, and there are more than that, have not participated in central labor councils. Here in Sacramento the central labor council has been controlled by the building trades.

However, SEIU locals 1000, 1877, 790, and 250, now constitute a majority in the central labor council.

04-09-01 Election eve closed with volunteers putting together election day door hangers.

The central labor councils bylaws are written so only 2 seats on their executive board can be occupied by an international. Local 1000 should be represented on the executive board, and I think I am a good candidate for the seat.

Currently there is only one woman on the executive board, and that is Ruth Holbrook. There really should be more women on the central labor council's executive board.

Election day door hanger.


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