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  talking with CATHY HACKETT  
DW: It seemed whenever I stopped by your headquarters I encountered new volunteers, from different unions. Who all was involved?
Putting tissue around the flower pots. Mira Weinstein (SEIU), Robin (local 1000), Rose Domingo.

CH: We had the ironworkers, the painters,

DW: I think the painters consistently started early as whenever I arrived I would hear, oh you just missed the painters, and so I missed fotoing them and the other early risers.

CH: And the firefighters, the association of firefighters, sheetmetal workers, SEIU locals, 250, 790, 1000, 1877, and the ILWU (longshore and warehouse workers), bakers, and lots of ACORN.

Valerie (SEIU local 535) demonstrates a properly tissued flower pot.

Howard Lawrence, of labor neighbor, was very helpful.
I also got a lot of help from Sandy and Ted Sheedy. Sandy talked to people about me, the firefighters and police officer's association, and some of the building trades people.

And Ted was very good. He brought political experience, and volunteered to do certain things.

DW: We were a diverse group, and it felt good working together.

CH: Yeah it did, it felt good. In fact a lot of people left the campaign, even though we lost, with really good feelings-- feeling inspired, feeling change could happen. They felt something happened and they didn't want it to end.

Ironworkers being instructed in the delivery of flowers.

They want us to build on it.
That is what the lesson is in any campaign, win or lose-- the process.
I learned it in union campaigns. The process is important. When the campaign ends, what will we leave behind us, and what happens with that? What did we build?
Now it will be a task for me, especially, since I am the link between local 1000 and some of the other organizations, to maintain the recently established contacts.

Wil Guiterrez (local 1000) on the floor phone banking at local 250's offices. Volunteers outnumbered the available chairs and desks..

We must keep working with the central labor council, and work with ACORN, and build something in those monthly meetings with the other SEIU locals. This is new for local 1000.

These things that you work on together, where you make connections and build relationships, this is what will strengthen the labor movement and make things work better for us in the future.

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