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DW: And money talks in elections. Somewhere recently I encountered the statistic relating money raised with election success . Perhaps not surprising, the candidate with the most money won over 90% of the time.
4-09-01 Marangu Marete (local 1000) bundling door hangers.

But being labeled a labor candidate by the media is in a way being marginalized. The corporate media has been successful in maintaining the image of 'labor' as shady characters operating behind closed doors, a special interest, when in fact we are labor, all working people represent labor. Labor issues are most person's issues.

Somehow we must change labor's image to fit the reality.
Cornelia Murphy (Contra Costa Central Labor Council) on the phone.

CH: The media does have tremendous power, and the labor movement, overall, has been unable to develop that kind of influence.

Within unions we must develop educational programs and youth programs to help our families better understand unions and contemporary issues.

But also, unions in general including local 1000, have not endorsed local candidates, and have not gotten involved in local races.
This puts us at a big disadvantage, because elected local officials then run for higher offices.

Bill Camp (executive secretary, central labor council) explaining the importance of precinct walking to local 1877 volunteers.

Running for a local office provides valuable experience. What you learn in an election will not only help you, but also help you understand how to get other local candidates elected.

Becoming involved in local elections is a change for local 1000. It is hoped that someday we will be able to change the bylaws of CSEA so that we can endorse local candidates.

SEIU state council has now recognized the importance of local races, and recently got involved in the Los Angeles mayor's race.

In the future I see more labor candidates coming out of the labor movement.

DW: Here in Sacramento, between SEIU local 1000, SEIU local 250, and SEIU 1877, and the other SEIU locals, we are talking about a lot of members. It seems something could be done…

Steve Caster (IUPAT, International Union of Painters and Allied Trades) and friend review their results after walking a precinct.

CH: Absolutely, this next year we are going to meet with the other SEIU locals once a month-- have a special caucus meeting.



face of campaign mailer


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