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DW: Right. You are one of the central players in civil service division and our union's reform movement, so running for a city council seat was a big decision with many factors to consider.
4-08-01 Residents appeared to genuinely appreciate Cathy's efforts to personally reach them.

CH: The other civil service division officers and I agreed that local 1000 should be involved in local politics.

Had I known what I know now after having run for office-- such as the planning and gathering of support necessary before actually initiating running-- I might not have reached the same decision.

However, I said yes, and then learned about campaigning.



Bill Camp, Mary Jane Davis (local 1000)

DW: And I think most of your volunteers were new to a political campaign, but as I heard someone say at a union meeting, 'We're union organizers and we should be able to organize a political campaign.'
So we were experienced in grass roots organizing and learned about political campaigning along with you.
Your campaign quickly took on an air of a labor crusade, or at least that is what I sensed.
How does being a labor candidate differ from being a candidate?

CH: Well, as I said earlier, you have the central labor council's endorsement. The central labor council interviews all the candidates, and they have a questionnaire each candidate is asked to complete.To get their endorsement they have to feel that you are the best candidate to represent labor. Prevailing wage, construction projects, a living wage ordinance, union contracts, apprenticeship programs, for example are important union issues that may come before the city council.

Phone banking continued from the beginning to the end.

And it is important that you would have an open door to labor, and an understanding that working people need representation to protect their rights.

In general in a nonpartisan race there are really only two groups providing large contributions, business and developers, and labor unions. As a labor candidate you are going to get a substantial amount of your campaign funds from labor unions. The positions you have taken in support of labor will sometimes limit your ability to get resources from developers or business people.

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