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More fotos taken throughout the campaign.


4-08-01 It was Jim's birthday (56) and that evening after a cake, Jim, Adrienne, and J.J admire the '60s' cds he had received as gifts.










4-08-01 Phone banking at local 250. Tim Smith and another volunteer, both local 1000.









wrapping flower pots..


. 4-10-01 Local 1877 volunteers and family.









ufcw volunteers








Larry Perkins (local 1000) delivering flowers.



















Election day signalled the end of Cathy's campaign for a seat on the city council.
However our struggle to reform SEIU 1000 continues. To learn more about our organization, CDU (Caucus for a Democratic Union), the reform process, and past and present battles within our union go to the cdu home page, or for more opinionated observations, home for this site.


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