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4-10-01 Returning to campaign hdqtrs about 8 pm I found nearly everyone on the phone. Who do you talk to at the last minute, who has up to the minute information? Bill Camp on the phone.











4-10-01 Absentee ballot results were not encouraging, and we decamped to the party which had already begun. An SEIU 1877 table.


4-10-01 An activist's table. Joyce Fox and Neil Johnson (local 1000) foreground. In the background, Ruth Holbrook (central labor council executive board), Nell Ranta, Gail Ryall (president CLUW).










4-10-01 Another view of the training room. The food was great.









4-10-01 We lost. Jim Luttrell (firefighters), Bill, and Jim. Later Jim observed, "We have to learn from this. We lost, but why did we lose?'










4-10-01 I joined the group watching the changing vote tally in Theresa's office. l to r. Lyle, Cathy, Ed, and Theresa (many others came and left).
Later when I went back to pick up my boombox (used to play Union Maid), the large room was empty except for Bill Camp, who was picking stuff up and straightening things.
I walked out into the parking lot and encountered Dan and his son. We discussed what we had all been asking ourselves, 'What more could we have done?'




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