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The Sacramento Central Labor Council hosted a Labor Day Picnic in William Land Park. Ellen and I attended and along with many union brothers and sisters spent the afternoon amidst friends, talking and eating...


The annual CDU statewide meeting was held Aug 11th and 12th, at the historic ILWU hall in West Sacramento. i took fotos most of the first day, and was there when a historic motion was passed.

080701 A noon rally outside the State Personnel Board to augment our resolutions being introduced to the board later that afternoon.
071901 Contract negotiations were at an impasse. State negotiators had failed to show up at a scheduled bargaining session and DPA cancelled several subsequent sessions, so we went to bargain with the man, Gov. Gray Davis. Arrests were made.
070901 A noon rally to turn the heat up on bargaining was held on the west steps of the capitol. Workers from around the state attended . Our numbers and impassioned voices attracted legislators working inside to come out to our podium where they voiced their support for a fair contract.