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  081101 Annual CDU statewide meeting  

There were several other appreciation awards, Ron Landingham and Mark Bautista the outgoing statewide CDU coordinators, received one. Also Marla Hambright CDU's treasurer received one, as i did, richly deserved all.

Always on the job, Marla quietly mentioned to me that i was behind in my dues.

I mentioned at the beginning a historic motion - the motion passed to have next year's gathering in southern calif - Mark Bautista clarified that Fresno is located in Southern Calif.
I noticed on the ballot i received in the mail that all members get to vote up or down on this.

Additionally you can now reach the page by entering thepageonline.net, thanks to CDU, and thank you very much. As i moved my site about in the virtual world following free space, it seemed the addresses became ever longer.

There were a lot of us attending this year's meeting, and not everyone that attended was present during the foto..

At the meeting Maggie asked me about getting a copy of this year's group foto.
The online images that you see are low resolution images that do not print out very well. In the next day or so i will have a link here to access a higher resolution file that will take awhile to load but will, if printed on inkjet foto paper and using a modern inkjet printer, provide a black and white image perhaps comparable to a conventional fotograph. higher resolution foto
1. click on higher resolution foto
2. a new page opens with image (do not attempt screen print)
3. right click on image...click on 'save picture as' and save as a file to your hard drive.
4. close your browser, go off line, etc.
5. open your graphics program, whatever it is, and open the file you just saved to your hard drive.
6. click on print (under file), go to printer properties, adjust properties for highest resolution, this
will be landscape format rather than portrait, and it is black ink.
7. put a sheet of photopaper in your printer, click the final ok.

I followed my directions and it worked out pretty well.
If it doesn't work for you let me know and when the weather cools i will re-enter my darkroom and make archival silver prints, selling them, reaping a couple dollars for myself and a couple dollars for CDU.

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