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  081101 Annual CDU statewide meeting  

When i was writing this i called my father-in-law, Bill Dillinger, and asked if he had ever met Harry Bridges.
'Yes,' he replied, 'I met Harry.'
' A couple CORO foundation interns and I met with him in his office. He was a big man, well dressed, good looking, and when he put his feet up on his desk - he had enormous feet.'
He also recalled Harry had been a 'nice guy' during their 1948 meeting.
Bill worked in San Francisco for the newly formed Marine Cooks and Stewards Union, writing for their newsletter as part of an internship.

Why didn't we learn about Harry Bridges and the longshore workers, who should be regarded as 'working stiff' (a Harry Bridges' term) national heros, in our history classes; or have seen on TV or in the movies the longshore workers' courage and sacrifices celebrated as leading to our own benefits - I imagine most persons reading this will understand why we haven't.
More immediate to CDU and CSD, why don't we have a union history lesson in every issue of the Pride? Ok, I'll acknowledge the Pride staff are in a difficult spot; certainly the positions in opposition to reform taken by 'penny and his gang' within a historical context are as ignorant and self-serving as are the ILA leaders' actions back in 1937.
'Progress only comes through struggle*', and past union struggles should be recognized
and celebrated in our union publications because you won't find it anywhere else.
Enough sermonizing and history.
I believe ed is putting together a full report on this meeting for the cdu home page (link above)
so will provide fotos only here.

State wide CDU coordinators Mark Bautista (left) and Ron Landingham (standing) chaired the meeting.








Adrienne Suffin received a much deserved CDU certificate of appreciation, as did several other members..



Meeting room taken from the rear. Jan Johnston dlc 790, standing, is speaking.

*Glenn Goldstein, SEIU local 250, leader of the ongoing organizing campaign at Sacramento's Catholic Healthcare West hospitals.

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