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  080701 at the state personnel board  

Van Evans, chair, civil service division african american committee, speaking up!



Cathy Hackett, civil service division deputy director, speaking up!













Luckily we had plenty of iced bottled water as state workers were heated-up.


Fran Pass, alternate vice chair, bargaining unit 4 negotiating council and chair, civil service division lavender committee, speaking up! - using the alternate sound system.















Henry Rosas (right foreground), steward, edd, organized this 'car pool' from rancho cordova.










"If you don't back up negotiations with an organized membership capable of
mounting work actions, you are not "bargaining" - you are simply begging." Steve Wilensky SEIU

State workers can play an important role in negotiating a good contract by
participating in the civil service division rallies. Our numbers and our enthusiasm
demonstrate to the governor and his representatives at the bargaining table
that our union rank and file negotiators have our support.

Attending a rally is not only fun, but if enough of us are out there it will improve
our lives through a better contract.

StandUp state workers...StandUp!


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