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  080701 at the state personnel board  

Hundreds of state workers wearing their now familiar purple t-shirts rallied under a scorching noon-time sun at the state personnel board on August 7, and Stood Up for State Services.

SPB was holding hearings later in the afternoon on two resolutions submitted by our Union: (1) End delegated testing and
restore centralized testing to SPB and (2) Provide full funding for the SPB and the Dept. of Fair Employment & Housing (DFEH) in order for these agencies to fulfill their statutory duties to maintain fairness and integrity in state service.

The SPB building (left) is located several blocks from the state capitol (right).


Following a placard waving and chanting march about the front of SPB, activists heard a series of impassioned speakers address the issues of unfair hiring and rampant discrimination in state service before returning to their work sites

No action was taken by SPB in response to our union's resolutions.

'Stand up state workers...stand up!'




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