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  071901 at the governor's office  

A call announced that bargaining would be occurring at the governor's office and I was invited.

After gathering my camera stuff The Rolling Stones accompanied me across town. In route i wondered what music subsequent generations use to create a partying mood.

After putting $2 in the meter i walked through capital park, using a nickel's worth while admiring the large trout gliding serenely about their pond.

The capital appeared serene as well, with only the presence of a police officer with a golden labrador on the east steps suggesting otherwise. I didn't like it, golden labs being trained as police dogs but kept it to myself and entered the building.

About 40 steps in and on the left, sandwiched between some white flecked black marble slabs are the double doors to the Governor's suite of rooms.

'Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, disrespect has got to go....'

However, this day there were several hundred chanting, clapping, enthusiastic union activists in the hall, and three police officers at the Governor's doors ensuring we didn't augment our bargaining team's numbers. I learned our bargaining team had earlier gained entrance and were sitting inside awaiting a response.


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