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  State Capitol 070901  

A noon rally to turn the heat up on bargaining was held on the west steps of the capitol. Workers from around the state attended . Our numbers and impassioned voices attracted legislators working inside to come out and voice their support for a fair contract.

The rally concluded with a march around the Capitol grounds. Many state workers then entered the Capitol where lobbying continued throughout the afternoon.




  Approaching the west steps it became apparent that state workers were here in great numbers in support of our barganining teams.


  At the podium Civil Service Director Jim Hard, flanked by Mark Bautista (left) and Eliseo Medina (SEIU Executive Vice President Western Region), emphasized that the state had not been bargaining in good faith.


  These nurses up from Agnews were part of the fired up crowd. Yashi Singh (left) stated that at Agnews they were overloaded with work, experiencing mandatory overtime and double shifts.


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